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570 Robotics 2.0

Campers will once again be walked through the engineering design process to build a mobile robot. This time students will custom design and build a robot instead of following a set of predetermined plans. Students will explore robot movement using a remote control and learn how to program the robot to move autonomously without a remote control. During this process, they will learn key STEM principles and robotics concepts.


During the 2.0 camp, campers will be able to brainstorm as a team and create their own unique robot. The team will utilize the robot they build to complete this year's Vex IQ challenge Squared Away (Watch video below!). There is a possibility for students attending this camp to participate in an official Vex IQ challenge in January.

Students attending Robotics 2.0 camp are strongly

encouraged to complete Robotics 1.0 camp.

This is a five day camp. There will not be class on July 18. 

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