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How are we keeping Football Night safe?

570 Sports Camps has put hours of planning into this activity. Our primary goal is to offer a safe activity while following CDC guidelines. We are taking several measures and precautions to make this the safest activity possible. Our second goal is to offer an extremely fun night of football where social distancing is seamlessly blended into the activities. Here is how it will work...

  • All coaches working with athletes will be wearing masks.

  • Participants will be assigned into "pods" with a maximum of 10 athletes. They will stay with this pod for most of the night. This will limit your child's exposure to other athletes.

  • We will play "Ultimate" Football not Flag Football. This is a game designed to keep athletes spaced apart.

  • Hand sanitizing will be available throughout the night.

  • Players will be distanced whenever possible within their pod. 

  • Footballs will be sanitized frequently as pods rotate to different activities.

  • Parents will be asked to wear masks and remain away from the activities. All athletes are welcome to wear masks if they choose.

  • Depending on current PA requirements, athletes may be required to wear masks during certain activities.

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