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How are we keeping Flag Football safe?

570 Sports Camps has put hours of planning into this activity. We have collaborated extensively with our partners at St. Luke's to come up with a plan that we feel is best. Our primary goal is to offer a safe activity for our community while following CDC guidelines. We are taking several measures and precautions to make this the safest activity possible. Our second goal is to offer an extremely fun football experience where precautionary measures are seamlessly blended into our activities.

Here is how it will work...


This includes parents, coaches, refs, trainers and players. All players will wear masks during the games. Flag Football is a game of short intermittent action followed by immediate down time to rest. On field players will be allowed during this down time to distance themselves and lower their mask as needed. However, when the game is on, their mask is on.

  • Players will verbally answer a COVID questionnaire each week.

  • Fans will sit in designated areas and will need to practice social distancing. 

  • Week 1 athletes will be assigned into "pods" with a maximum of 10 athletes. They will stay with this pod throughout the first session. Starting week 2, athletes will be assigned to their team that they will stay with for the remainder of the season. This will limit exposure to other kids.

  • Buffer times will be built into each session to allow time for groups to clear before the next age group arrives.

  • New rules will be introduced including no quarterback/center exchange, no bunch formations and no huddling.

  • Players will have their own personal flag belt.

  • Hand sanitizing will be available.

  • Players will be distanced whenever possible within their pod. 

  • Teams will be assigned a football which will be sanitized frequently during games and activities.

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