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When you register for 570 VETS QUARANTINE CAMP you will be given a code to join our Google Classroom. Over the next 5 weeks, we will release three videos a week. Videos range from 10-30 minutes. The videos will thoroughly demonstrate several unique drills and activities designed for your young athlete. From there, the viewer will pause and complete the activity. Each day will have a purpose. Monday is agility, Wednesday is strength and Friday is games. Videos will be released on Google Classroom and our private YouTube page. Only registered families will have access to the content. Our codes will be given to your family. So, if you have multiple athletes in your family, they all have access to the videos once you register!  Since the videos are posted and you have exclusive access, you can work out on your own schedule as many times as you like. You will also have access to the videos indefinitely! On top of the 15 workouts, we will also hold a live online ZOOM Competition every Saturday!  Your athlete will have the opportunity to compete live against other athletes and friends from around the Poconos. Every Monday we will announce the competition to give athletes a week to practice. This is an absolutely fantastic value.

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